HomeBlogWindow and Door Replacement BlogWhat Is The Difference Between Vinyl Windows and Wood Windows?

Vinyl windows are pretty old in terms of a petroleum product but they’re not particularly old when it
comes to an option on houses. Vinyl windows came out in the 50’s when wood was more scarce due to
WWII and have hung around. Prior to that, all windows were framed with wood, which is still very
common. However, many homes that are receiving replacement windows have wood windows because
the windows haven’t been updated since the home was built. People may hesitate to use Vinyl but they
shouldn’t; Vinyl windows are a great alternative and are very common among window replacements in
the Triad and Raleigh area.

People will hesitate to install vinyl windows because they may think they’re “cheap”. While they are
generally less expensive than wood windows, they are far from cheap. Vinyl windows are durable, long
lasting and can be very attractive. However, it is no doubt that wood windows are more attractive and
can come in a variety of colors or woodgrains. Vinyl windows typically come in fewer colors, which can
be a turnoff for many homeowners, especially log cabins or aesthetics where wood is desired. Vinyl
windows have come a long way from the past of simply white and tan but they still lag wood windows
for their interior finish.

Despite being (generally) less attractive than wood windows, vinyl windows are virtually maintenance
free. Vinyl is a petroleum product and the colors are imbued in the manufacturing process. While sun
can make the window color fade, the exterior of most Andersen windows is aluminum so the vinyl
interior receives considerably less sunlight. New Andersen wood windows are basically maintenance
free, but not completely. Andersen doesn’t produce a wood-exterior window that isn’t protected from
a weather resistant material such as aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass. This is because windows with exterior
wood are incredible maintenance intensive. Those such windows become easy targets for replacement
windows in the Durham-Raleigh-Greensboro area.

Vinyl has positives and one of the many is price. Typically vinyl windows are 15-20% less expensive than
wood windows. Vinyl windows are very popular for window replacements because they can’t simply
build the extra price of wood windows into the new home price. If a homeowner pays cash for the
windows then the savings are very important vs. the $10 per month addition to a mortgage. If you’re
considering replacement windows in North Carolina, Andersen produces wonderful, aesthetically-
pleasing vinyl windows that are low maintenance and affordable.