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The importance of new windows on old houses cannot be understated.  As many people understand, quality replacement windows dramatically improve curb appeal as well as reduce utility costs.  In most instances, the cost associated with replacing windows will recoup itself on utility savings and house value increase within just a few years, especially with quality Andersen Windows from Replacement NC.  All new windows are double-paned and act as a dual barrier to the exterior elements and temperature, compared to older single-paned windows.  However, the entire window replacement process can be somewhat intimidating:  Are there standard windows for my size frame? What are the costs?  What time of year should I have my windows replaced?  We’ll answer those questions and more below.

What are the costs of replacing windows?

Simply enough, replacement windows typically range from $400-$1000 each depending on the window material in the North Carolina area.  Vinyl frames are typically cheaper and smaller windows with vinyl frames can be replaced for around the $400 mark, including the labor.  Wooden frames are more expensive and larger wooden-framed windows can be relatively expensive.  The windows themselves, such as Andersen’s, are generally from $250-$800 per window.  Some large sliding or bay and bow windows can be significantly more.  Pricing depends on the material, type and size of window while installation can vary depending on the previous frame.  For example: Is the new window replacing a same-sized window or is it being completely reframed for a larger or smaller window.

How does the process of window replacement work?

There are a couple ways to approach the replacement of windows.  Many times there are multiple crews that accomplish different objectives.  In these cases there are removal crews and then there are installation crews.  Needless to say, the installation crews follow the removal crews.  In other cases, a single window installer is also removing and disposing of the old windows. Removing the windows tends to be the most time consuming aspect, and it is compounded on older homes where there is likely lead-based paint as well.  These windows fit into an area of the house frame, typically made of 2X4’s.  Molding is removed and then the entire window is removed from this framed area and the new window in placed in and secured with screws, caulk, shims and any other necessary materials to ensure a tight, secure and draft-free fit.  Molding is replaced and the process is repeated.  Many times drywall and or paneling will need to be removed to access the window.

When should I do my window replacement?

In many cases, it depends on the climate and how willing you are to have holes in your house.  Most people will replace windows in the early fall or late Spring, especially in the North Carolina area.  It is relatively temperate and the heating/cooling bill won’t be sky high.  People in Florida may wait until the winter while people in the North would do it in the summer.  Obviously if window replacement due to damage is necessary, the timeframe is irrelevant and you should have the work completed as soon as possible.

What should I know before getting windows replaced?

Make sure you speak with installers and get several quotes. Replacement NC has decades of experience replacing Andersen windows and would be happy to provide a quote.  Also make sure there isn’t furniture blocking the area the installers will be working, this may extend the job and cost if he is constantly moving things and becoming more inconvenienced.