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Something we get asked on every job:  Are Andersen windows worth the extra cost?  What is the actual difference in windows? Well, to answer that question you must understand what you value the most.  There are countless reasons why Andersen remains at the top of the market and routinely produces incredibly desirable windows that are highly sought after.  We’ll cover the important factors that justify the extra expense of Andersen windows.

  1.  They are the most aesthetically pleasing – Andersen windows are incredibly well-made and attractive.  Simply put, even the composite framed windows are stunning.  Andersen has a proprietary material called Fibrex® that is stronger than vinyl and retains a wood-like look despite being nearly impervious to the elements.  How is that done?  It contains 40% reclaimed wood fiber and 60% thermoplastic polymer by weight.  Andersen also has a massive selection of windows in all shapes, sizes and colors which aids the consumer in truly creating a unique home.
  2. They are reliable – The moving parts in windows are often and afterthought but many people never realize how heat/water/wind/sun/insects/debris accumulation actually affects the operation of the windows.  In many cases, the elements cause warping and damage that renders the window inoperable and more difficult to see through.  Needless to say, quality windows, such as Andersen, have a far longer lifespan and continue to operate in extreme climates with few hiccups.
  3. Andersen Windows are efficient – Windows in any home transfer a significant amount of heat, and in North Carolina it transfers in and out.  Andersen windows do an excellent job of preventing heat transfer through them; they keep cold places cold and warm places warm.  Many of Andersen’s windows are ENERGY STAR® certified, meaning they pass strenuous third-party tests for certification.
  4. They have industry leading warranties – Andersen windows are backed by some of the best warranties in not just the window industry, but any industry.  Warranties are for 20 years and actually transfer if the house is sold!  These are a huge reason people choose new windows – they’re an easy price increase once the house is listed for sale.

Andersen windows are much like other brands that are know for quality such as Trane in HVAC or Square D in electrical.  They become worth the cost when annualized over a period of time and they’re especially noteworthy in emergencies or when selling your home.  “You get what you pay for” is an appropriate moniker for Andersen windows, not to mention they look awfully stylish too!